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“First of all i want to thank GOD for helping me during exam giving me the courage,guidance,wisdom,kowledge to answer the question even though "kulba"I never lose faith to GOD and nothing is impossible to HIM just believe and have faith in GOD beacuse our GOD is a living GOD and i'm a living testimony of GOD to testify how GOD change my life.Second for my CEBUGEMS FAMILY for giving us all the materials that we need and excellent lectures,systematic reviewe strategies and moral support.And i would like to thank the people praying for me thank you for all your prayers.And to my fellow reviewee in CEBUGEMS just read all the material provided and put GOD 1st in every thing that you do because nothing is impossible to GOD if we believed in HIM. And i'm proud to be a part of CEBUGEMS "Keep it up"THANK YOU LORD. . ,THY WILL BE DONE!!”




How can we help you?

  • Pass the Marina Competency Examination with high passing percentage.
  • Provide Top Quality Knowledge on Maritime Profession.
  • Provide Basic Knowledge on Shipboard Applications.
  • 24/7 Support to all Reviewee’s from BOARD (Marina) to BOARD (On-Board).
  • Job site Related Matters.

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