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“First and foremost, I would humbly thank our almighty God Through the gracious and miraculous image of Sr. Sto. Nino and Sr. San Pedro, To CEBU GEMS as instrument of our way to success , to my parents and friends for their infinite love and moral support. THY WILL BE DONE”

~OIC-NW Davis, Arthur Francis



How can we help you?

  • Pass the Marina Competency Examination with high passing percentage.
  • Provide Top Quality Knowledge on Maritime Profession.
  • Provide Basic Knowledge on Shipboard Applications.
  • 24/7 Support to all Reviewee’s from BOARD (Marina) to BOARD (On-Board).
  • Job site Related Matters.

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Marina Exam
12th of March, 2015 by rheo888

Exam Schedule

Marine Deck Officers:

    (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

     Morning Session - For New Takers

     Afternoon Session - For Re-sit (Retakers)

Marine Engine Officers:

    (Tuesday, Thursday)

     Morning Session - For New Takers

     Afternoon Session - For Re-sit (Retakers)

Documentary Requirements

List of Competences


- Master Mariner (MM)

- Chief Mate (CM)

- Officer Incharge at Navigational Watch (OIC NW)


- Chief Engineer (CE)

- Second Engineer (2E)

- Officer Incharge at Engineering Watch (OIC NW)


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