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“Nagpasalamat kayko ni Lord ug sa CEBU GEMS sa ilang mga review materials nga gi hatag namo, daku kaayu ug tabang sa pagpasar nako sa board exam. Dako pud kaayu ko ug pasalamat sa mga ginikanan sa ilang daku kaayu na suporta sa akong pag review.”




How can we help you?

  • Pass the Marina Competency Examination with high passing percentage.
  • Provide Top Quality Knowledge on Maritime Profession.
  • Provide Basic Knowledge on Shipboard Applications.
  • 24/7 Support to all Reviewee’s from BOARD (Marina) to BOARD (On-Board).
  • Job site Related Matters.

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Marina Exam
12th of March, 2015 by rheo888

Exam Schedule

Marine Deck Officers:

    (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

     Morning Session - For New Takers

     Afternoon Session - For Re-sit (Retakers)

Marine Engine Officers:

    (Tuesday, Thursday)

     Morning Session - For New Takers

     Afternoon Session - For Re-sit (Retakers)

Documentary Requirements

List of Competences


- Master Mariner (MM)

- Chief Mate (CM)

- Officer Incharge at Navigational Watch (OIC NW)


- Chief Engineer (CE)

- Second Engineer (2E)

- Officer Incharge at Engineering Watch (OIC NW)


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